George Link

I am perhaps best known as a master of “the oldest art form; model making” - for my detailed museum quality models of historic buildings, created primarily with found objects and vintage wood.
The need to create with my hands what I visualize in 3D colour is compelling in my life. The mediums and materials may vary, but the creative internal dialogue between my visions/ ideas and the materials direct me to a detailed creation.
I will see something and say “what if...” which has led me to my latest series of artwork – bringing to life in 3D - a study of the work of Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso. Initially sparked by the vision to bring the “bull” series to life in 3D has morphed into my interpretation of over 20 art pieces of Picasso so far.
As a child, my creative artistic instincts were recognized and promoted by my parents. At the age of 12, my formal training began at the Corcoran Art Gallery, School of Art then onto the Visual Advertising Association School, focusing in design and layout.
Upon my family’s relocation to Florida, I continued studying art, graduating with an honours Arts Degree from Brevard College, Florida. I worked as a commercial graphic artist – while I continually pursued creative endeavours in my spare time.
I like to explore texture and form but it is colour that resonated through me. I use colour literally and symbolically for varying focal points in my works.
All my professional life has involved the creative process. Upon my relocation to Canada, I launched a design and manufacturing company which produced non-bio-degradable waste. Unable to get suppliers to recycle in the mid 1980’s, I changed my artistic mediums to include 95% recycled materials as Recyclamation – Recycled Art.
Through 1990’s – I had numerous exhibitions and gallery shows. My unique, one of a kind 3D wall sculptures were well appreciated and form part of private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.
In 2009, continuing to create with recycled materials and found objects - I expanded my focus into 3D models, bird feeders / houses and wall sculptures, initially focused around historic buildings of King Township, which has morphed into numerous private commissions of various buildings including churches, homesteads and businesses around Ontario.
My goal with each creation produced, is a minimum 90% recycled material content.
I am considered a master manipulator of materials, colours, textures and dimensions.

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Works by George Link

Historic Home, King
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Dr. Dillane's Model, Schomberg
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Grackle Coffee Bird Feeder, Schomberg
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3D Le dejeuner sur l'herbe
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3D Girl with Hat
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3D The Bull State XI
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3D The Bull State III
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3D Girl before a Mirror
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3D The Bull State VII
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3D Student with a Pipe
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3D Bather, Paris
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