Frankie Ip

Frankie Ip is a contemporary abstract, conceptual and landscape artist working in the Passionist mode, a style which emerged in the 21st century in southern France. Passionist art is born independently of the will of the artist, with no pre-planning or founding concept. Passionist artists have no choice but to create; they do not know exactly what they’re creating until the work is finished!

“Painting is like playing music or writing a poem. It is the way I express my concept of beauty, my passion and feeling. I choose painting because I love the vibrant colours and textures; I experiment with the flexibility of form and design and enjoy the absence of boundaries in the creative process.”

Frankie’s art fuses the classical and the modern, the flat and the defined. Exhibiting an impeccable instinct for the emotionally evocative power of colour, movement, texture, and shape, Frankie’s work, whether a quintessential Canadian landscape or a avant-garde abstract concept, relates more to a state of mind, mood or feeling than tangible objects. His personal biography meets movement and passion in a very physiological presence.
Rooted in the Orient, with extensive training in art and design in Asia, and moulded by a western art education, Frankie’s work bridges both Eastern and Western cultures and is held in public institutional and private collections in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. He has worked as a professional visual artist since 2002 and is represented galleries in Toronto and Southern Ontario.
Frankie is a member of the Colour and Form Society and the Markham Arts Council and a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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