Ann Carson

Ann Elizabeth Carson.

A (now retired) psychotherapist focusing on expressive therapies, always a writer and recently a late-blooming sculptor, I began publishing in 2005 and am completing my fifth book, Laundry Lines: Reflections in Poetry and Prose. Putting together this ‘memoir with an edge’ revealed a theme that seems to weave through my life: listening to the silenced members of our society and giving them voice in my writing, art and advocacy work. As a woman, and now octogenarian, I find the unheard voices of women and the old--be they sad or joyful, fearful or feisty--are fascinating and revealing.

My work has appeared in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies as well as in four published books: Shadows Light, poetry and sculpture, My Grandmother’s Hair, a social memoir that traces how our family stories shape our lives, The Risks of Remembrance, new poems, and We All Become Stories, twelve tales that challenge the stereotypes of aging and memory.

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Works by Ann Carson

We All Become Stories
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My Grandmother's Hair
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The Risks of Remembrance
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Shadows Light
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