Hayley Hofbauer

Predisposed with an indomitable inclination to examine the human experience and attempt to somehow reconcile it, remains the enduring source from which my writing is conceived. 

The synthesis of sharp instincts, deconstructive analysis, vivid imagination, brutal honesty and sensitivity for the absurd, constructs both my perception and writing style which are most often experienced and expressed through a comedic lens.

The privilege of writing, producing and performing within a diverse range of media platforms and genres, (film, theatre, television, advertising and online), has granted me the experience to develop in-depth insight into the multiple layers of the entertainment industry including the stages of creative, production, post-production and marketing/advertising.

Web: http://www.thesinglemotherdiaries.com/

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Works by Hayley Hofbauer

Poems For the Wry
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Most Mortifying Moment EVER!
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Burying Frank
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Woman with Child
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