laura warburton

Warburton’s compositions are brushed, sprayed, carved, splattered, scraped or poured, the use of texture, and abstraction provides a beautiful organic feel.

Her paintings are aptly termed” Loft Artwork”, as they are large in size: over four feet. They provide a contemporary feel, whether it be raw loft design, modern or warm traditional spaces.

Works are hanging in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, USA, UK and Europe. The 3rd season of HBO’s series HUNG also featured some of her work.

Warburton’s insistence of refusing to stay within the hierarchical territories of traditional realism, biomorphic abstraction or natural representation is founded on one simple strategy: “I paint what I feel”. A remarkable quest and an even more remarkable achievement: her works evoke a feeling rather than represent one, they manage to function as undifferentiated state of harmony. They are also strikingly beautiful.

-Donald Brackett, Canadian Art Critic, past Executive Director of both the Professional Art Dealers Association of Canada and the Ontario Association of Art Galleries


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Works by laura warburton

Pink Lollipop Flowers
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Self Talk
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Linen Dreams
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