Les Luxemburger

I am a visual artist and certified arts educator, and the Creative Director and owner of ART on the Go - an arts education and creative consulting company in York Region. I have a passion for environmental education, conservation and sustainability; and I use my artwork and art education gift to educate and inform the public about important environmental issues and explore viable solutions through the arts. My Masters degree in Environmental Studies and my professional and academic background in environmental conservation, sustainability and education, have uniquely positioned me to be a leader in the emerging field of "eco-arts".

As a painter, I work in acrylic to create representational paintings that explore complex environmental and social issues. As an arts educator, I run eco-city workshops, as well as workshops and classes in animation, drawing and design, sculpture, portfolio development and more. I teach art at the Varley Art Gallery, and have taught at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Arts Etobicoke and Newmarket School of Fine Art.

I also actively exhibit my artwork in Galleries throughout Southern Ontario. I have artwork in private collections in Europe, Australia, China, United States and Canada.

Web: www.lesluxemburger.com

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Works by Les Luxemburger

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