Helen Argiro

In addition be being the Managing Editor for this fabulous achievement we call LaVaLab, I am the author of Tales of Sex & Suburban Lunacy a social satire on dating, mating, marriage and moral dysfunction among a tribe of affluent Gen X-ers living in a wealthy suburb north of Toronto. I know, it sounds familiar, but I swear, it\'s fiction.

A writer by profession, I started out in the movie biz and spent a decade first as a screenwriter and later as a producer and director of independent feature films. Back then, as now, everything I write is coloured by my own rather warped view of the world. This means that pretty much everything coming out of the creative part of my brain manifests into some form of comedy or satire or a combination of both.

Web: http://www.sexandsuburbanlunacy.com

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Sex & Suburban Lunacy
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