Emilia Jajus

Emilia Jajus is a Toronto muralist who’s highly regarded public and community mural projects utilize her exceptional rapport with people of all ages and backgrounds as well as knowledge of materials and onsite safety. Her paintings, private and citywide throughout Toronto, grace and re-imagine public places, businesses, and homes, harmonizing perfectly with their environment.

Frequently chosen by StreetARToronto for city projects, Emilia is also an articulate advocate for the value of creating art in public space.

"My mind is constantly preoccupied with thinking about how to make our environment more beautiful. My mission statement is “To beautify spaces and create memories”. I have a strong passion for public art. The main focus of my art practice is murals. I enjoy working on projects with a deeper meaning for both the community and public spaces."

Web: www.emiliajajus.com

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Works by Emilia Jajus

Lookout Point
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Elephants By The Water
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