Marie Bergman

I was born in Edmonton AB. Shortly after our family moved to Santa Clara California. In my early teens we moved back to the Canadian Prairies where we spent a number of years in southern AB. My travelling experiences brought me close with nature spending much of my time outdoors. One of the firs paintings my parents bought back in 67 was" The Grand Tetons" by Robert Wood. I do believe that this paintings was the start of a seed waiting to grow. While working as a live in care aide in Saskatoon Sk. In 2004 I began the journey of landscape painting. I began teaching myself by picking up the brush and loading it with paint. Observation and perspective was my only skill as far as painting is concern. Today I have several books by and am influenced by Richard Schmidt, John F. Carlson, George Gallo.


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Works by Marie Bergman

When The Clouds Roll In I
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Through Shadow And Light
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The Rhythm
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