Iwona Kmiec

I am a Polish-Canadian artist based in Thornhill, Ontario, a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk, Poland, and Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Canada. I draw on stories which are embedded in my memory and relate to my personal experience. By creating small scale ink drawings I try to stop the time and reflect on emotions. It is a dialog of intuition and consciousness.
The ink itself is a very powerful medium with a final quality to it which does not accept change.
In my creative process I start painting with a brush, with my eyes closed, focusing on the subject in my mind. There is always an element of surprise and excitement in this part of creation. Next, I work on the interpretation of the underlay image.
Drawing with a pen gives me sense of connection with material and a subject matter.
My textural explorations vary in notations. Thin or bold, dynamic or straight lines, dabs of ink or washed patches transform themselves into representation of ephemeral quality.
This is what I am aiming for.

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Works by Iwona Kmiec

Family Vessel
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Froggish Belch
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Thick Hasty Mist
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Swelling Sun
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Fair Heaven Regattas
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Lookout to the Forest
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Love Trees
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Surprised Turtle
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