by Sheniz Janmohamed

Autumn is nearly upon us. Soon, warm summer breezes will diminish and cooler weather will require us to bundle up with shawls and blankets. The summer is ending, and yet it feels like it has just begun. The leaves are still bursting with colour, the air is thick and humid, the sun dapples the pavement with speckles of light.

Nature is recovering from unbearable heat, and preparing to summon the leaves to turn gold. It’s a time for us to transition as well—from lazy summer afternoons to crisp, cool mornings.

I admit, the idea of having to say goodbye to summer fills me with dread. There’s something wonderful about walking out into the garden without having to don a coat or put on a pair of shoes.

There’s also something wonderful about starting again. Autumn ushers in a new school year, and while some of us will not be returning to school (I graduated eons ago), September still rings with possibility.


What can we do to prepare for these possibilities? And what can we do to enjoy the last  glorious days of summer?

Here are some suggestions:

In the (last few weeks of) Summer:

-    Finish that book you were hoping to read this summer

-    have a picnic, or do that one summer activity you wanted to do and haven’t done yet (quick, before autumn arrives!)

-    Spend some time writing about summer (what were your most memorable moments? what were your most delicious meals? describe the sensory experience of being outside in the summer)

-    Take your notebook, order an iced tea/iced coffee, and write at your favourite patio.

-    Go for a a nature walk at dawn or dusk. Jot down what you see, feel and experience.


In the Fall:

-    Plan to return to a writing/creating schedule, or create a new one

-    Start a new writing project, and end something that no longer serves you

-    Get yourself a new writing utensil or notebook (trust me, you’ll feel like a kid again)

-    Re-read one of your favourite childhood/school books

-    Attend the International Festival of Authors (they have a brilliant lineup:

-    Go for a country drive, or walk through forest trail as the colours change. Write a poem for a leaf.


Until next month,


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