The Broken Mirror

by chimezie ihekuna
Literary (Length) Other

As the title suggests, it is a story that reflects on the aftermaths of a couple’s marital failure. Like a mirror-unveiled reflection, it makes obvious the consequences of divorce as affecting the well-being of its ‘products’; the children. The Broken Mirror is a family-based fiction that uniquely orchestrates certain peculiarities known as twists. The Twists constitute the bedrock of this material. The tragic story is hinged on the stretch of twists that linger as a result of marital breakdown (divorce) from the time of parents to the existence of their children as adults.
An account documented by Daniel, friends with Sophia, twin sister with Cindy, and whose diary birth the story title, the divorce that eventually ended the marriage between Tom and Cynthia, parents to Sophia and Cindy, was mirrored in the lives of their two daughters who did not leave to enjoy their relationships.
The state of Tom’s anomaly triggered great disarray in his family as incessant quarrels and fighting became the order of the day. Consequently, Cynthia’s divorce suit, as assisted by Attorney Ken, whom she later got married to and who took Cindy as his ‘daughter’, located Jamaica where she would spend the rest of her life. Tom decided not to marry till his death to take care of his only possession, Sophia.
With the mental excruciations Tom faced because of Cynthia’s action, he instructed Sophia not to mention names of Cindy and Cynthia because he ‘lied’ they weren’t alive! Sophia had no idea that her believing in what Tom told her would cost her life and that of her newly-wedded husband, Dash in future. Cindy, on the other hand, was raised by Cynthia in Jamaica. And in the absence of Ken, a legal luminary, who left her to a place nobody would know his whereabouts, Cindy grew up hating her father and twin sister. In time, she would cause a wiping out of a generation but not leave to tell the story!
Tom died of protracted Leukemia and Cynthia passed on as result of cancer. Attorney Ken’s whereabouts were never known. Cindy grew up angry and looked forward to the day she would get her pound of flesh on Sophia who enjoyed the best of her father’s favor. Dash wouldn’t know what went wrong but knew when he’s life was taken away… Daniel lived to give his account of the story from the evidence he got from the deceased Dash…
What should be the cross for the conspirators behind Tom’s joblessness became an immediate opener for his life-long problems. What should be Tom’s compensation in return for his wasted years was declined because of he vowed never to return to it. What Cynthia thought would be a lasting solution to her worries became a nightmare (no thanks to Ken’s disappearance!). What Sophia thought was true about her father’s claim about the whereabouts of Cynthia and her sister would spoil what was on the verge of being a true success-her marriage to Dash. Dash’s inability to discern the ugly event coming ahead cost him his whole life!
Why the divorce in the first place? What made Tom lose his job at the hands of his conspirators? How did Cindy realize her vengeance? What made Tom and Cynthia life a cat and dog life? How Cindy did successfully planned the killing of Dash but died in the process? What relationship connected these characters? How did Daniel get the evidence from Dash which he used to account for this story? These and more are questions asked and can only be answered if there is a finding-out!

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