Nuno Felt Shawl

by Helen OSullivan
Subject (Style) Fashion
Textiles (Medium) silk
Textiles (Function) Clothing

This vibrant and cheerful shawl is made by nuno felting fine merino wool and delicate silk chiffon. I made it by first hand dying the silk in a neutral shade of tan. I then layered merino wool over and under the silk and used hot soapy water to help shrink and weave the wool into the silk until it becomes one cohesive fabric. The end result is a cozy and unique winter scarf that enjoys the delicacy of silk. I've also incorporated a chunky wool in tan, teal green, bright pink and purple for added texture and colour.

There are many ways to wear this scarf. You can wrap it around your shoulders as a shawl over your favourite sweater or dress. Drape it long for some colour and flair. Or position the circle on your chest, then wrap the tail around your neck and feed it through the hole. This will secure your scarf in place and provide a beautiful focal point for your neck. This scarf would be a gorgeous pop of colour with a simple tan or black coat.

Measurements: Length is 74" or 188cm Width at Circle: 9.5" or 24cm

Care for your scarf: Gently hand wash in mild soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze dry. Hang or lie flat to dry. Gently reshape as needed.

Please visit my shop for a further selection of unique handmade scarves. I hope that you find one that you love for yourself or for someone that you love.

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