Nuno Felted Shawl

by Helen OSullivan
Subject (Style) Fashion
Textiles (Medium) silk
Textiles (Function) Clothing

This is a unique handmade women's scarf nuno felted in olive green silk organza and merino wool. I made it by layering fine merino wool over and under beautiful iridescent green silk organza. I then felted the two fibers together by adding hot soapy water and a lot of agitation. By the end of the process, the two fibers have merged together forming one new fabric. You get to enjoy the delicacy of a silk scarf and the warmth and softness of a wool scarf all in one.

You can wear this scarf in many ways. My favourite way to wear this scarf is by positioning the circle on your chest where you want it to lie. You then wrap the tail around your neck twice and feed the tail through the circle. Your scarf will stay in place and provide a striking feature to any outfit. I’ve designed the scarf on both sides so that it is reversible. It is a striking accessory for a women's wardrobe.

Measurement: 9.5” wide at the circle, 70” long

Breathe new life into your wardrobe with this unique scarf. Pair it with a casual t-shirt to liven up your outfit, or wear it under your favourite coat to add some flair. It is wearable art for your neck.

Visit my shop for a look at other designs of my nuno felted scarves.

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