Inhaling the Silence

by anna yin
Literary (Genre) Romance

With such delicate precision and clarity, the lyricism of Anna Yin’s poems is remarkably fresh. Anna brings many qualities of classic Chinese poetry into fluent, distinctive English, while her poems about the Canadianpoets who have influenced her reveal a truly trans-national voice and sensibility, nourished by landscapes and cultures across the globe. She writes, touchingly and with equal imaginative power, about her combined Chinese and Canadian family background and her very contemporary experiences and awareness.
In her new collection, the first part, “Night Songs,” are generally lyrical–that is to say, short, intense, and somewhat musical. They draw upon the author’s roots in Chinese landscape and culture, though some are set in Canada and other countries as well as China. They include poems dedicated to major Canadian poets: Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, and P.K. Page. The second section, “This Blue Planet,” is even wider in scope: with poems set in such diverse places as North Korea, the U.S., and Cuba. In a very personal and thoughtful, not abstract or theoretical way, they confront wide-ranging subjects like the environment, economics, and social justice. -- Allan Briesmaster

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