by mark puigmarti
Sculpture (Medium) Steel
Subject (Style) Abstract

WoodHaven is a public art piece that was installed in the Town of Ajax near Lake Ontario in Spring 2013. It is four stationary panels arranged in a cross formation. The material is mild steel forged from single billets into the design components and assembled with rivets, mortise & tenons, wedges, and hot wrapping. Although every piece is hot forged to shape, not one forge/fire weld or electric weld is part of it's construction. The panels were hot dip galvanized and a patina was used as the final finish.

Family and compassion are the underlying themes of this sculpture.
Whimsical stick figures representing adult and youth interacting through caring and playful gestures are positive reflections of our families and communities, evoking a sense of playfulness, fun and activity. The central tree represents nature and our environment and its importance in our lives and future.

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