A Probationary Effect

by Melissa J. Moores
Literary (Genre) Science Fiction
Literary (Length) Long (3000+words)

Taya is finally released from her probationary status as a Contractor and can't wait to dig into a more challenging assignment. However, the covert nature of this particular work has her second-guessing her new boss's ethics and the validity of the contract. Will Taya be complicit in a crime and risk losing everything she's trained for?

A Probationary Effect is the second of four prequel “lost chapters” to the science fiction adventure Time’s Tempest, book 1 in the Chronicles of Xannia series.
These lost chapters are significant moments that are touched on briefly in the main story to allow for a sense of the characters’ history and prior experience. Acting as mini-episodes, the scenes in the lost chapters provide a glimpse into the foundation of the people and problems facing the planet of Xannia.
Knowing the content of these lost chapters is not necessary to understanding the novel Time’s Tempest; they are meant to enrich your experience and provide a deeper foundation for, and thus a greater appreciation of, the trials faced in the main story.

I hope you enjoy these illuminating moments and relish in the triumphs and fears of the characters of Time’s Tempest.

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