Time Enough: An Amoral Tale

by W. David Ward
Literary (Length) Long (3000+words)
Literary (Genre) Historical

'A tale of money, financial intrigue and art world chicanery, this is also, inescapably, a story about the 'little folk,' a Lhiannan Shee witch, and an artist's muse...'

The selected excerpt, however, looks at the realities of the art world today. Despite a couple of notable personal successes (2012 - 2013) my optimism has been challenged, and especially so for young artists hoping to make a career in arts. A revelation of sorts (Thanks to a friend from York Region Arts Council) paints a revealing picture of art in the shadow of 'The Culture Industry.'

Time Enough: An Amoral Tale - 320 pages, Softback A5 - was published in November 2013 by Lily Publications Ltd, Isle of Man.
The first edition is now almost out of stock. Please contact me, or order directly at the following:

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