Trimurti of Strength, Wisdom and Peace

by Peter G. Goral
Paint (Medium) Acrylic
Style (ALL) Expressionism

Acrylic On Canvas 36" x 48"

The orange background is deeply symbolic for Hindus. It represents sacrifice and renunciation and is usually the colour worn by mendicants. It is also the colour which is used to represent statues of Hanuman, the monkey god, who is a symbol of courage and steadfast loyalty.

Elephants are sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists, representing the divine (in the case of Buddhists, elephants are often used to represent the Buddha), memory, wisdom, strength and loyalty. The domes of the monument are Muslim and the decorative tops are Sikh - I chose a mixing of symbols here, because in reality, elements of Mughal (the first settled Muslim rulers in India) architecture has been adopted by Sikhs in the building of their Gurudwaras (Sikh temples).

I have clustered the elephant family together and yet moving forward as one. The sense of unity and solidarity that is created by the placement of the figures is enhanced by the affection and sense of calm you can see in their expressions.

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