The Markham Arts Council

The mission of the Markham Arts Council is to serve and enhance our community’s well being by providing arts and cultural education and awareness while supporting the work and development of visual, literary and performing artists. Thank you for supporting us!

1. Collaboration: Providing space for artists from varying disciplines and cultural backgrounds to work together on collaborative projects and initiatives.
2. Creativity: Fostering and nurturing creativity by providing emerging and established artists with opportunities to grow and learn. Providing the support, advice and encouragement artists need to pursue their passions.
3. Community: Building a stronger, more unified arts community that encompasses literature, experimental art, visual arts, new media, music, dance, performance and dramatic arts. Advocating for the arts in the City of Markham.

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Artscape is a not-for-profit urban development organization that makes space for creativity and transforms communities.

Our work involves clustering creative people together in real estate projects that serve the needs of the arts and cultural community and advance multiple public policy objectives, private development interests, community and neighbourhood aspirations and philanthropic missions.

Artscape projects are built from the ground up with the support of their local communities. Steering committees containing representatives from the creative sector, residents, community leaders, and local BIAs help define the project vision and drive development momentum. Because all Artscape projects must function as self-sustaining social enterprises, these committees are not an exercise in "blue-sky" thinking--they're hard-working teams invested in the outcome of each project.

In Artscape’s unique social enterprise model, funds raised from a variety of public and private sources are leveraged to make the one-time capital investment required to open a new project’s doors to the public. Once operational, Artscape facilities are sustained through planned revenues generated from below-market rents, memberships and user fees. Long-term debt is kept to a minimum and ongoing operating subsidies are not required.

Our approach to development involves rallying artists, designers, urban planners, community activists, environmentalists, government officials, as well as community, economic, and real estate developers around projects where all parties benefit. This multi-stakeholder approach allows Artscape to design projects that deliver a "quadruple bottom line" (cultural, economic, social and environmental). Artscape initiatives often start with an exploration of what combination of art, culture, and creativity might add value to a building, development site or neighbourhood. Then, we look at how the project can support community and economic development and serve as the social heart of the neighbourhood. We always work to ensure that our projects are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Through its approach, Artscape has been able to elevate the aspirations of its work beyond serving the basic needs of creative practitioners and focus on unlocking the creative potential of people and places to build vibrant, resilient, and inclusive communities.

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Arts Society King

Mission Statement:

    ​To establish and maintain an organization in King Township that fosters inspiration, understanding and appreciation for the arts, heritage and nature.
    To organize an annual arts festival
    To provide support services to the arts, heritage and nature communities in King Township for the purpose of enhancing communication, education & the promotion of their respective activities.

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Association des Auteurs et Auteures de L'outaouais

L'Association des auteurs et auteures de l'Outaouais (AAAO) est l'une des plus importantes associations régionales d'auteurs du Québec. Ses premières activités ont été réalisées à compter de 1978, grâce à un groupe d’amants de la littérature, pour aboutir en 1979 au dépôt de statuts de création officielle. L'AAAO compte à ce jour plus de 165 membres.

Les missions de l'AAAO sont multiples : regrouper et promouvoir les auteurs et auteures de l'Outaouais, favoriser la création littéraire et le développeement des artistes par des programmes de formation et des ateliers, stimuler le jeune public en intervenant dans les écoles.

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L’Association des écrivains belges de langue française

Fondée en 1902, l’Association des Écrivains belges de langue française a pour but l’étude, la protection et le rayonnement des lettres françaises de Belgique.

Sa revue trimestrielle Nos Lettres, son site internet et sa lettre informatique rassemblent réflexions et informations sur la vie littéraire.

Ses Soirées des Lettres constituent un moment convivial de rencontres d’auteurs et de découvertes d’œuvres nouvelles.
Ses prix littéraires encouragent les jeunes auteurs et récompensent des ouvrages de genres très divers : poésie, roman, conte, nouvelle, essai…

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Association Le P’tit Ecrivain

Passionnés de lecture, d'écriture et adorateurs de mots, Le P'tit Ecrivain vous invite à tourner les pages (et à y revenir) d'une aventure littéraire où le partage se récolte à travers les livres!

Venez vivre le livre, la lecture et l'écriture en images et découvrir :

Des reportages d'événements littéraires, des interviews d'auteurs et de libraires, des commentaires de lecture d'ouvrages envoyés à l'association, quelques poèmes, ainsi que notre sélection de sites à consulter sans modération...

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Association Québecoise des salons du Livre (AQSL)

L'Association québécoise des Salons du Livre, l'AQSL, est une association sans but lucratif qui a pour objet la promotion du livre, du périodique et de la lecture en général. Elle assure les relations interprofessionnelles et défend les intérêts généraux des Salons membres. Elle est aussi un centre d'études, de recherches et de documentation pour toute question concernant les Salons du livre.

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Canadian Authors Association

The Canadian Authors Association provides writers with a wide variety of programs, services and resources to help them develop their skills in both the craft and the business of writing, enhance their ability to earn a living as a writer, and have access to a Canada-wide network of writers and publishing industry professionals.

We are a membership-based organization for writers in all areas of the profession—aspiring, emerging and professional—in every genre and across all writing-related professions.

As a not-for-profit national arts service organization, much of what we do benefits all writers, whether they are members or are affiliated with us as partners or through other writing groups.

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Crime Writers of Canada

Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) is a national non-profit organization for Canadian mystery and crime writers, associated professionals, and others with a serious interest in Canadian crime writing. Our mission is to promote Canadian crime writing and to raise the profile of Canadian crime writers with readers, reviewers, librarians, booksellers, and media.  The CWC has sponsored Canada's Arthur Ellis Awards for Crime and Mystery Writing since 1984.

The field of Crime Writing is a broad category that includes crime, detective, espionage, mystery, suspense, and thriller writing, as well as fictional or factual accounts of criminal doings and crime-themed literary works. Cross-over novels and short stories such as romantic suspense and speculative thrillers are also considered part of the genre. In broader terms, it includes any book-length work, novella or short-story that features crime or mystery as a central element.

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League of Canadian Poets

League of Canadian Poets

The League of Canadian Poets is the professional organization for established and emerging Canadian poets. Founded in 1966 to nurture the advancement of poetry in Canada, and the promotion of the interests of poets, it now comprises some 700 members. The League serves the poetry community and promotes a high level of professional achievement through events, networking, projects, publications, mentoring and awards. It administers programs and funds for governments and private donors and encourages an appreciative readership and audience for poetry through educational partnerships and presentations to diverse groups. As the recognized voice of Canadian poets, it represents their concerns to governments, publishers, and society at large, and maintains connections with similar organizations at home and abroad. The League strives to promote equal opportunities for poets from every literary tradition and cultural and demographic background.


L'Écriture prend le large

L’association “L’Écriture prend le large” a été créée en mars 2011 afin de promouvoir l’action culturelle en milieu rural et périurbain en lien direct avec le développement économique. Pour défendre ses valeurs, l’association s’appuie sur le Festival littéraire et artistique de Thénac « Quand l’écriture prend le large », sur les actions pour le jeune public ainsi que diverses actions culturelles.

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Mississauga Arts Council

The Mississauga Arts Council engages, connects and champions artists of all disciplines, ages and abilities from diverse communities to develop arts and culture in Mississauga. It facilitates partnerships, collaboration, and competition among artists and organizations to strengthen community and create a vibrant city.

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Newmarket Arts Council

Our primary objectives are to act as a catalyst in bringing together artists, businesses and patrons of the arts to increase access to performance, exhibition and recital space in Newmarket, and to encourage connection and communication among all three groups.

We are working with local business and landlords to uncover space for performance, recital and exhibition, both permanent and temporary.

We are planning workshops and seminars that will bring together people seeking to learn and share knowledge on matters important to the membership, such as business concepts and cross-disciplinary topics.

Other planned benefits for members include a members directory, events listing, featured artist every month and a space for opinion and reviews.

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Playwrights Guild of Canada

Playwrights Guild of Canada is a registered national arts service association mandated to advance the creative rights and interests of professional Canadian playwrights, promote Canadian plays nationally and internationally, and foster an active, evolving community of writers for the stage.

Playwrights Guild of Canada champions the role of the playwright in the creation of vibrant Canadian theatre.

PGC is an organization that:

    Is inclusive and representative (geography, diverse backgrounds, age, stage of development, gender and sexual orientation);
    Maintains the standards and practices of the profession;
    Affirms the importance of playwriting as an art;
    Safeguards freedom of expression in Canadian theatres;
    Contributes to the development of the art form;
    Strives to remain relevant within the larger community.

PGC was established in 1972 as the Playwrights Co-op. The main purpose was to publish and distribute scripts to encourage more productions of Canadian plays. Since then, it has grown and now provides programs and services for playwrights across the country. The publishing imprint of PGC, Playwrights Canada Press, was incorporated as a for-profit publishing company in 2002.

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Profesional Writers Association of Canada

We serve Canadian non-fiction freelance writers across the country. As a not-for-profit, we reflect your broader professional interests and advocate for Canadian writers to receive fair pay, contracts and treatment.

Our goals are to:

    Promote the value, rights and interests of professional non-fiction Canadian writers
    Deliver outstanding resources and professional development to Canada’s freelance writers
    Provide a critical bridge to connect writers with clients

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Songwriters Association of Canada

The S.A.C. is a friendly community of songwriters here to support each other in the creative journey.  We also advocate on behalf of songwriters to protect the value of our work.  Being a member has many privileges including opportunities to network, get your music heard, as well as honing the craft.  Why not join today and start connecting with others through our on-line community.  You can also protect your work through the Canadian Song Vault, or have your music assessed through the Song Assessment Service.  We look forward to hearing your songs, and meeting you in person at one of our many upcoming events!

The S.A.C. exists to nurture, develop and protect the creative, business, and legal interests of music creators in Canada and around the world.

Objectives: Advocacy - Education - Community
An association led by active professional and amateur songwriters, the S.A.C. is committed to the development and recognition of Canadian composers, lyricists and songwriters by pursuing:

their right to benefit from and receive fair compensation for, the use of their work;

the advancement of the craft and enterprise of songwriting through educational programs, networking opportunities, dissemination of business knowledge and other services;

a more favorable environment through the provision of a united national voice when dealing with government, the music industry and the general public;

and the development of activities which allow members to reach out and enjoy the sense of community shared by songwriters.

Part of the S.A.C.'s mandate is to establish activities which allow members to reach out and enjoy a sense of community.  Many of our songwriters experience this aspect of membership by attending various monthly events such as Date With A Demo or by participating in the private online discussion conferences of our Online Community.

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York Region Arts Council

The York Region Arts Council is a non-profit, charitable umbrella organization that serves to advance, promote, represent and connect the arts community across the region so as to enrich local quality of life, and to build awareness of, support for, involvement in and appreciation of, arts and culture in the York Region.

Excellence in service to the regional arts community to develop York Region’s creative, economic and social potential.

The York Region Arts Council is committed to fostering a vibrant regional arts and culture sector and supporting the arts in York Region in all its forms – literary, visual, performing, media and heritage – in a representative and inclusive manner. As the regional liaison and central information resource for the arts, we deliver value to our stakeholders and the regional arts community as a whole, through marketing, communication, education, representation, consultation and networking facilitation and coordination.

5. Contact Information:, 905-726-3278

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The Writers Union of Canada

Writers are one of the foundations of the cultural sector that supports the publishing industry in Canada. Writers tell the story of Canada and help drive the economy: while writers provide what goes on the pages, printers can print, publishers can publish, and bookstores can sell. The Writers' Union of Canada is comprised of over 1,900 of Canada's professional fiction and nonfiction trade book authors.

TWUC also offers Professional Development Workshops that shed light on the business of writing in Canada.

The Writers’ Union of Canada is the national organization of professional writers of books. Now 2,000 members strong, the Union was founded 40 years ago to work with governments, publishers, booksellers, and readers to improve the conditions of Canadian writers.

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The Writers Trust of Canada

The Writers’ Trust of Canada was founded by five notable Canadian authors — Margaret Atwood, Pierre Berton, Graeme Gibson, Margaret Laurence, and David Young — to encourage a flourishing writing community in this country.

Since 1976, the Writers’ Trust of Canada, led by volunteers from the arts and business communities, has directed support from the private sector to Canadian writers and writing.

This country's writers receive more financial support from the Writers’ Trust of Canada than any other non-governmental organization or foundation in the country. Annually, the organization provides almost half a million dollars directly to a group of approximately 100 writers.

Programs include: Financial Grants, Writers Retreats, Scholarships, Lectures, The Walrus Magazine partnership, and the National Summit of Writers Associations.

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